About WSU

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As Kansas’ only research university in an urban setting,

WSU can offer experiences others can’t — it’s what separates Wichita State from the other guys. By combining a traditional college atmosphere with the endless possibilities of the state’s largest city, Wichita State University is the only school in Kansas that can provide an educational experience that goes beyond the limits of a typical college town. Because we are in Wichita, WSU students have advantages other students don’t. PERIOD.

When Wichita State first opened its doors in 1895 students rode horses to class, telegraph machines were cutting-edge technology and Wichita had only been a city for roughly 25 years.

A lot has changed.

The past century has featured a remarkable evolution for Wichita State, one in which the school has grown from a small Christian college to a large state university — punctuated by two name changes and a few thousand extra students.

Together with the city of Wichita, WSU has built one of the most unique partnerships in Kansas, one that over the years has propelled each to new heights. It’s a relationship that both supplies the lifeblood of a thriving community and makes it possible to provide the most well-rounded education in the region.

Today, the university continues to change to reflect the world around it, finding new ways to keep future generations of Shockers one step ahead of the competition.


As the medical, communications, financial and entertainment hub of Kansas, Wichita can make living in a run-of-the-mill college town seem a little lacking. From huge annual festivals and serene nature preserves to world-class dining and a thriving arts community, Wichita has it all. Combine that with practically endless opportunities for on-the-job experience as well as easy access to industry experts, and Wichita is a virtual utopia for the aspiring college student.


Wichita’s Old Town neighborhood is nestled in the heart of the city and features more than 100 restaurants, shops, clubs, theaters, galleries and museums which are sure to offer fun to visitors of all ages. On the final Friday of each month many art galleries, museums and retail shops display art exhibits from local artists which are free and open to the public. Intrust Bank Arena is the main concert venue downtown with performers like Twenty One Pilots, Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande and Cirque du Soleil, gracing the stage.

Collage of Wichita students working, talking, and using VR

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