WSU Quick Facts


Anatomy of WuShock

WuShock, the WSU mascot
Unruly stalks of wheat for hair
Eyes display the focused gaze of a true competitor
Strong arms to raise school spirit
Intimidating scowl to frighten rivals
The heart of Shocker Nation
Muscular legs to support Shocker pride
Big shoes to stomp rival universities

|Wu Through The Ages|

The evolution of Wu through the years


WuShock, “Wu” for short


WSU’s muscle-bound mascot and #1 Shocker fanatic


Pumping up the crowd and promoting school spirit; Shocker athletics; Facebook and Twitter; volunteering; meeting fans; hanging out around town; wearing Shocker flair; unruly hair styles

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History: Legend has it that the name “Shockers” first appeared in 1904 on a poster advertising a football game between Wichita State, then Fairmount College, and the Chilocco Indians. The team’s manager chose the name because many of the players earned money during the off season harvesting, or “shocking,” wheat.

When it came time to bring the name to life, students created WuShock – a big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat – whose name was derived from a period in time when the university was simply known as Wichita University, or WU. It’s not difficult to spot Wu at athletic, cultural and university events bolstering school spirit.

Wichita's Old Town District

Wichita’s thriving Old Town District is a student favorite. Shockers can get away from it all to see a movie, visit a museum, have dinner, go to a concert, or shop at unique local boutiques.

The Corbin Education Center was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is a masterpiece of modern design as well as home to the College of Education

Corbin Education Center

WSU Intern at a TV station

WSU students hold 1,000 internships annually through the cooperative education and internship program